Often I hear a lot of clients say they struggle with saving enough to reach their real estate goals. Whether it’s for a down payment or to purchase an investment property, saving feels like an always-out-of-reach task. 

I want to tell you: I GET IT. 

Today, I'm here to encourage you and lighten the struggle if you’re feeling the same way. Does saving take discipline? Yes, it does.  Is it impossible? Not at all. Clients who show up with big savings tell me similar stories of how they did it. (It's achievable, I promise). Start small with choices like: 

  • Automate savings. 
  • Set specific goals (and always talk about them often).
  • Throw extra money at said goals (tax refunds, birthday gifts, bonuses, etc.)
  • Avoid lifestyle inflation (i.e. drive the old car and use the old phone).
  • Get and stay out of debt.
  • Say no when friends say yes.

Trust me, it’s far easier to save a little here and a little there than to give up on your dream of owning a home or buying your next home altogether. If you have questions, call or text at 251.270.2875. Ask for Bev.

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